Deposited Papers 2017

Deposited Papers are unpublished Papers placed in the Library at the direction of the Speaker or a Minister in the Executive. In most cases they provide information requested in an Assembly Question. Guidance on the laying, presenting and depositing of papers in the Northern Ireland Assembly (as outlined at Standing Order 23 of the Assembly's Standing Orders) has been published by NICS.

The following list contains details of documents which have been deposited in the Library in 2016. Copies of these and all other Deposited Papers are currently available in the Assembly Library for consultation. Where possible, they have been made available as pdfs. The list is in reverse chronological order.
Deposited Papers from previous years are also available:  [2016] [2015] [2014] [2013] [2012] [2011] [2010] [2009] [2008] [2007]



Number: 1602         Issuing Office: DF             Date Received: 11/01/17
Information provided by the Minister of Finance in response to Assembly Question AQW 6772/16-21 from Mr Seán Lynch MLA on 09 November 2016 in which he asked the Minister for a list of the Executive assets in County Fermanagh. [pdf]
Contact: Claire Stewart, Assembly Section, Department of Finance, Clare House, 303 Airport Road West, Belfast BT3 9ED Tel: 02890 816717 email:


Number: 1601         Issuing Office:  DH             Date Received: 05/01/16
Information provided by the Minister for Health in response to Assembly Question AQW 6838/16-21 from Mr Robbie Butler MLA on 09 November 2016 in which he asked the Minister to detail (i) the Terms of Reference for the newly formed Strategic Health Partnership Forum; (ii) the make-up of the forum membership; (iii) how the membership was determined; (iv) how often the forum will meet; (v) the reporting structure; and for an update on the first meeting. [pdf]
Contact:  Marc Bailie, Pay and Employment Unit, Workforce Policy Directorate, Department of Health, Room D2.16 Castle Buildings. Tel: 02890 528232 email:




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